5 Tips for Offering Session Videos

Feb 08, 2021

Whether you photograph newborns, seniors, weddings, or families, offering  video will add value to your business, increase your client profitability, and set you apart from others. Here are a few quick tips if you are considering adding video to your business.


1. Learn how to create professional quality videos
There is a lot more to creating professional quality videos than simply switching your camera over to video mode. You'll want to ensure you are using the right settings like frame rate, shutter speed, ISO, etc. while also editing the video to match your brand and for optimal output. If you aren't sure where to start, I teach everything you need to know from start to finish in my Creating Session Videos course.


2. Ensure your videos are legal
It is extremely important that any video you produce for your clients is done so legally. When incorporating music with your videos, you will need to purchase the rights to use that music. Most licenses require that, even if using the same song for two different videos, you need to purchase two separate licenses - just something to keep in mind to ensure you don't end up on the other end of a lawsuit. I personally love SoundStripe and Music Bed; they have great options and make it very simple! They also offer all-inclusive options now which makes licensing music much simpler, straight forward, and affordable!


3. Minimize the time creating videos adds to your workflow
The last thing you want to do is add substantial time to your workflow for each client. I create my videos in a way that adds less than an hour of editing time and only about 10 minutes additional time during the session (if any at all). This will take a little practice and familiarizing yourself with your camera and editing software, but you can get the hang of it very quickly! 


4. Price them right
Offering professionally quality videos for your clients is a luxury product and should be priced as such. Make sure you are pricing them to make it worth your time while also taking your costs into consideration (like music licensing). Aside from my in-home documentary style films, I only offer videos as an add-on option to my sessions. 


5. Market your videos in a way that clients can't turn them down
Video pulls at the heartstrings in a way photos can't which can really work to your advantage when marketing your videos. Whether your target audience is a bride or a new mom, a professionally quality video of their wedding day or baby is going to be tough to turn down. 

When you are just starting out offering these, you will need to have something to show for them - a client will rarely purchase an item they can't visually see. Reach out to past clients or set up a model call to create a couple videos to promote in your session investment guide and across your social media channels. Instagram places a high value on video and, with IGTV, you are able to embed your full videos right into your feed!


 Not sure where to start with creating session videos? 

I've got you covered! My course teaches everything you need to know to shoot and edit professional videos for your clients. 

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