"Katie is an inspiration, phenomenal educator, and kind voice in a loud world."


What I want you to know more than anything else...


Success isn't one size fits all, and what one person defines as success may be someone else's failure. Defining what success means to you is crucial when planning short and long term business goals.

Don't get caught up in what the world or our photography industry tells you is success. Your success can only be defined by you. 

Is it doubling your profits next year? Great, let's build a step by step plan for that. Is it being more present with your children and spending less time behind your computer?  Awesome, let's set up systems and workflows to make that the upmost priority. Just don't let the world define success for you. 

Meet Katie

I'm a mom of three and a wife to a giant, living in Dallas, Texas. I began pursuing photography at a young age when two special little girls entered my life.  Through the adoption of my sisters from China, I found my passion of telling stories through pictures and producing artistic photographs that make you feel.

I went on to major in Fine Art Photography at Baylor University to pursue my passion of documenting the orphan crisis around the world as well as the efforts of various mission groups. I spent time in Africa, China, as well as Eastern and Western Europe living out my first life passion before starting my own lifestlye photography brand in 2008. 

Through the years I spent building my brand and learning the ins and outs of running a successful and sustainable business, I found a passion for helping others do the same through workshops, one-on-one mentor sessions, and online courses.