Creating Session Videos

Stand out from the crowd + propel your profits with session videos.

Creating Session Videos

Stand out from the crowd + propel your profits with session videos.

About the course

Adding video to my sessions and wedding collections was a game changer for my business. They are near impossible for clients to turn down and can significantly increase your profit per session, with minimal additional work involved, allowing you to add tremendous value to your sessions.

In this course you will learn the ins and outs of creating session videos in conjunction with your photography sessions – from the technical side of videography and the proper settings to use, to editing your clips to match your shooting style, to building the video itself. 

Whether you are wanting to offer video for your wedding clients, family sessions, or newborn sessions, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create professional videos while still being able to focus on the photography side of your sessions.





"I am so grateful I invested in this course; it is a game changer!"

- Holly McVeety-Mill, Professional Photographer

"Knowing this course will pay for itself after only selling one video? It's absolutely worth the investment!"

This course is exactly what so many photographers are looking for! Katie has such a wonderful ability to deliver a wealth of knowledge, while simultaneously giving only the pertinent information needed to incorporate video into your business. I'm over here clapping, because that's so hard to do! 

I also don't have hours and hours to set aside for one course, so seeing that I could learn video in under 1.5 hours was a huge plus for me. From the basics of shooting video and camera settings, to editing and building the final video, she covers it all. This was the push I needed to finally corporate high-end video into my business!

Allison Craig, lentille photography


ready to stand out from the crowd and propel your profits with session videos?