Stand out from the crowd and propel your profits

Adding video to my sessions and wedding collections was a game changer for my business, and I'm confident it can be for yours as well! 


Creating luxury session films doesn't have to be overwhelming

Elevate your client experience with luxury session films - without the overwhelm! This course is an accumulation of my ten years experience offering session films, condensed into an easy to follow, step by step program to get you confident creating and offering session videos. 


After completing this course, you will be equipped to:


Tackle the business side of creating and offering session films


Shoot and edit professional videos that match your photography


Deliver your films in line with your luxury client experience

"Knowing this course will pay for itself after only selling one video? It's absolutely worth the investment!"


nothing left out

I'm sharing it all...

  • My time-saving tips and tricks to create luxury session films without adding significant time to your workflow
  • The business side of offering films, from pricing to marketing
  • The nitty gritty technical side to correctly shoot, edit, and build professional films (without the overwhelm!)
  • Editing your video to seamlessly match your photography and brand
  • Delivering your final video (beyond sending a download link!) to match your luxury brand.

mirrorless or dslr?

I cover it all!

Sticking with DSLR for the foreseeable future? Already made the switch to mirrorless? I address both throughout the course regardless of which category you fall in! 


Create heartwarming films that are near impossible for your clients to turn down

Take a look at the types of films you will be able to create after completing this course. (Be sure to turn your volume on!)


Here's what you'll learn

Everything you need to know to offer luxury session films

Module 1

The Business Side of Offering Films

In this module I walk through the costs associated with offering video, cover various pricing strategies for your films, as well as marketing tips to get your films booked. In addition, We will talk through four key questions to ask yourself before launching session videos.

Module 2

Shooting Your Film

This module is packed full of every nitty gritty detail you need to know to shoot professional quality films: From your camera settings, to capturing quality clips, to the actual logistics of shooting photos and video simultaneously (without either suffering)... I've left no stone unturned!

Module 3

Building & Editing Your Film

Module three is when things really come to life! You will learn how to edit your clips for a seamless match to your own photography style, build a professional quality film, as well as license and use music to elevate your films and tell compelling stories.

Module 4

Delivering Your Film

There's more ways to deliver session videos than just sending a download link, and in module four, I share ideas for delivering your films that live up to the luxury client experience! I also walk through the technical side of exporting your film to ensure a quality output.

And there is more!

You'll also receive:

Bonus #1

PDF Cheat Sheet

A PDF cheat sheet for shooting tips and camera settings is included with this course. Print it off and keep in your camera bag to refer back to when you're on the go. 

Bonus #2

Private Community

The growing and learning doesn't stop once you complete the course. You will have access to the private Facebook group for community and Q&As!


"I loved this course! It covers everything you could possibly want to know and is a must have if you’re wanting to offer video. The things in this course YouTube cannot teach you. If you are on the fence, purchase it! You won’t regret it!"

Ruby Sandoval, Ruby Sandoval Photography

"I LOVE this course! I’ve been wanting to offer this for my couples and families, and this course gave me all the tools and confidence I needed. I like how simple Katie explains things that feel or can sound complicated. You will not regret taking this course. It will level up your brand and bank account."

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"From the basics of shooting video and camera settings, to editing and building the final video, Katie covers it all!"


"I am so grateful I invested in this course;
it is a game-changer!"

Are you ready to propel your business with session films?

Offering luxury session films can not only propel your profits and help you stand out from the crowd, they can also rejuvenate your creativity as an artist, bringing life back into your business!

Ready to stand out from the crowd and propel your profits? 

creating session videos


one time payment

  • 2.5 hour Creating Session Videos course
  • Printable PDF cheat sheet for easy reference
  • Membership in the private Facebook group