Taking Your Own Family Self Portraits (and Branding Photos!)

just for fun photography tips Jan 27, 2023
Taking your own family self portraits

I have been taking my own family self portraits since my first babies (my twins) were born. All the photos that hang on our walls are ones we took with just a camera and tripod, and they all hold such special memories. We love being able to scope out a beautiful (and memorable) spot on our vacations and taking photos there on one of the last days of our trip.

Taking your own family photos doesn’t have to be stressful or unsuccessful; in fact, it can be quite easy! After 15 years of taking my own branding images and family self portraits, I have learned a thing or two about making the process both enjoyable and successful - from capturing genuine moments and emotions in our family photos to creating professional branding photos to use throughout my business.

I've put all my tips, tricks, and must-do's in to the Taking Your Own Family Self Portraits course which includes instructional teaching, demos, and behind the scenes to encourage and equip you to create tangible memory keepsakes of your family.

Ready to start taking your own family self portraits or branding photos? CLICK HERE to learn more about the course that offers game-changing tips and tools for even the most experienced professional photographers! 

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