Taking Your Own Family Self Portraits

Create professional quality photos that finally include YOU.

Game-changing tips and tools for even the most experienced professional photographers.

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About the course...

Taking your own family or solo photos doesn’t have to be stressful or unsuccessful; in fact, it can be quite easy! In this instructional video, I walk through my tips, tricks, and secrets of taking your own photos that I know will be a game-changer in your self portraits!

This video course includes instructional teaching, demos, and behind the scenes to encourage and equip you to create tangible memory keepsakes of your family.

"This course has finally allowed me to get the images I want!"

I am a motherhood photographer and I don’t have the photos I want of my own family! I spend so much time creating magic for other moms and rarely do it for myself. I have so many photos of my little ones but I’m rarely in the shots - and that is the bond and emotion that I adore capturing. This course has finally allowed me to get the images I want!


"If you haven't taken Katie's Self Portrait Course, you are missing out! I have waited seven years for photos like these!"


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"This course is a game changer. I have always struggled getting good pictures for my website and feed, and now I have an endless amount of possibilities with the tools from this course."


taking your own family self portraits


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