One Pose Four Ways (Outdoor Family Session Edition)

photography tips May 18, 2023
family photography poses

We recently shared about diversity in your images by capturing one pose-four ways for in-home newborn sessions (check it out here if you missed it!), and we're tackling it again for outdoor family sessions! 

We want our families to be able to stick around in one area and really focus on the moments with their children rather than feeling like we are constantly moving and "posing" them." Being intentional about the way we photograph each moment helps us create robust galleries without much interruption and moving around from spot to spot during the session.

The formula we use when photographing any outdoor family session is this: 3-2-1,180º, and it's broken down like this:

  • 3: Wide shot

    The goal here is to get as wide as you can, capturing the full landscape of the area you are in. 

  • 2: Tighter in

    Move in a little closer to your clients. Think of this as the waist up image that focuses more on the subject.

  • 1: Details

    This is the image that focuses on a detail! This frame is likely filled with your subjects and therefore has little to none of the surrounding space.

  • 180º: Angles

    Move your shooting perspective 180º around your client! Changing up your angles, changes up your images without making ANY other adjustments.

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