What Lens Should You Use For In-Home Newborn Sessions?

photography tips Apr 20, 2023
what lenses to use for newborn session

We recently made a post with three reasons you may want to consider offering newborn sessions if you are a family photographer but do not currently offer them (missed it? You can read it here!). We love photographing our newborn sessions in our clients' homes in order to tell their story and capture moments in the most intimate place they have together as a family. 

If you are considering adding in-home newborn sessions to your offerings, you might be thinking about which lenses to use. We polled photographers over on Instagram and the result was that 49% use one lens for in-home sessions, 47% use 2 lenses, and 4% use 3 or more lenses.

We LOVE the idea of sticking with 1, maybe 2, lenses for our sessions. Doing this helps make things more seamless in shooting (reduces the amount of time clients are waiting on us) and editing (matching different lenses to each other).  We believe that using fewer lenses keeps our work looking cohesive and consistent (which helps to build trust with our clients)

So let’s talk through some popular options:

  1. 35mm - This is great for those unexpected tight spaces that you are likely to find yourself in when in a wide variety of homes.

  2. 50mm - This lens is flattering for portraits and (unlike the 35mm) has minimal distortion. Similar to outdoor sessions, this is our go to.

  3. 85mm - This lens will give you beautiful bokeh and lovely portraits. However, be mindful of the amount of space you will need to compose your image - most homes are likely to give you trouble!

  4. 100mm (Macro) - The purpose of this lens is DETAILS! If you can’t get enough of those sweet baby toes, fingers, or eyelashes, this might be for you! Be sure to think about your brand and the images you want to create as you consider this lens!

We recommend spending time really looking at the images you are drawn to. Do you love the unmistable portrait images from an 85mm? Do you prefer the recognizable lifestyle feel of the 35mm? Think about the spaces that you most often find yourself photographing and decide if you have any limitations. One thing is for sure, finding the lens that works best for your space and your brand is important - so find the best fit for YOU!

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