3 Reasons to Consider Offering Newborn Sessions

business tips photography tips Jan 17, 2023
  1. Last week we shared 3 tips for shooting in the winter months, and today we are back to talk about another favorite winter session: newborn sessions! Katie used to shoot a limited number of these back in the day but has since focused on outdoor family sessions and photography education courses… until last summer! We are sharing 3 reasons why we added them to our offerings this past year and why we aren’t looking back!


    1. Capture your client from the beginning: So much of your success as a photographer starts with building trust. When you capture a client at the very beginning of starting their family you increase the likelihood that families will come to you over and over again for years to come. We would rather offer an amazing service and experience from the beginning rather than refer clients out in hopes they come back.

    2. Shoot more during your outdoor off seasons: Newborn sessions help to offer consistency in our shooting schedules year round because babies are born year round! This allows us to keep a steady stream of bookings throughout different seasons and maintain boundaries that help us serve our clients and our own families better!

    3. Inspire creativity: Photography is an art which makes it a really unique business endeavor! The plus side of this is most photographers absolutely love what they do. A possible downside of relying on photography as an income source can result it a hyper focus on profits and bookings which take precedent over creativity - making it hard to produce beautiful art! Diversifying the types of sessions you offer can inspire creativity and help you ward off feelings of boredom and burnout!


    Bonus tip: Consider your marketing timeline if you want to book more newborn sessions in the winter months. We recommend mamas book at the start of their second trimester, so January sessions require bookings in August. Make sure your marketing plan aligns with your goals!

    So what do you think, do you see how adding newborn sessions could help you and your business? If you’re not doing them, what’s holding you back? If you’re currently offering them, what are your biggest struggles? We’d love to know how we can support you as you pursue your definition of success!


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