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I believe in working smarter, not harder and having systems and practices in your business that allow you to do just that. From shooting in a way that doesn't chain you to your desk for hours editing, to increasing your profit per client, allowing you to work less and live more.

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My courses are a cumulation of my Fine Art Photography degree and fifteen years of professional photography and business experience and are designed with your success as the overall goal.


Creating Session Videos

Stand out from the crowd and propel your profits with session videos. In this course you will learn the ins and outs of creating session videos in conjunction with your photography sessions - from the technical side of videography and the proper settings to use, to editing your clips to match your shooting style, to building the video itself. 

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Master the Light & Airy Style

This master course walks through all the ins and outs of how I shoot and edit to achieve my light and airy photography style, including preparing clients for their session, what I’m looking for in my locations, posing and capturing authentic emotions, the technical side of shooting, culling, and editing.

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Master In-Home Newborn Sessions

The Master In-Home Newborn Sessions Course is packed with everything you need to know to serve your clients exceptionally well and create work that you'll be proud of.Β This course is all about giving you reliable foundational systems that you can trust in any situation andΒ is designed to inspire and fuel your creativity as you serve your clients and create amazing images.Β 

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The Self Portrait Course

Game-changing tips and tools for even the most experienced professional photographers. Taking your own family or solo photos doesn’t have to be stressful or unsuccessful; in fact, it can be quite easy!

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Hi there, I'm Katie Lamb —

I'm passionate about helping you succeed.

I want to help you see the potential of your business and give you the tools to get there.  I’m a believer in working smarter, not harder and creating systems and offerings in your business that allow you to do just that.

You do not need to be exhausting yourself working until 2am multiple days a week or missing out on your life because of your business. It’s my hope that my tools + courses will bring inspiration and excitement back into your business while giving you efficient practices to be sustainable.

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"Katie is an inspiration, phenomenal educator, and kind voice in a loud world."

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