Master In-Home Newborn Sessions

Are you ready to take your in-home newborn photography game to a whole new level? Say goodbye to mediocre images and hello to stunning, awe-inspiring shots that will leave your clients speechless.



You're passionate about photography and all-things-motherhood but simply feel stuck when it comes to in-home newborn sessions, yeah?! It’s so hard to create work you love if you don’t have the proper foundation of the skills needed to get you there!

Say goodbye to the frustrations of struggling to create work you love! 

  • No More Wasting Time and Money: We've carefully curated our curriculum to ensure that every aspect of photography is covered. No more piecing together information from unreliable sources or vague tutorials. Our course provides the clarity you crave, guiding you through every step of the process.
  • Bid Farewell to Less than Amazing Photos: Our course will equip you with the skills to capture and edit breathtaking photos. Gone are the days of questionable compositions and lackluster edits. Get ready to unleash your creativity and produce images that will make your clients go "wow!"
  • Delight Your Clients: Don't let the fear of disappointing clients and sessions gone wrong keep you up at night. Our course will teach you the keys to delivering exceptional photography experiences. From building trust to exceeding expectations, you'll have clients singing your praises and referring you to everyone they know.

In-home sessions don't have to keep you up at night! Imagine if...

  • You could streamline your session preparation for both you and your clients
  • You knew how to master any kind of indoor lighting like a pro
  •  You were able to breathe life into your posing techniques
  •  You could decrease your editing time while maintaining a consistent style

Each module of this course was designed to build a solid foundation, guiding you step by step to execute your in-home newborn sessions smoothly. 

What better way to learn than to actually see it like you are there?!

We take you behind the scenes to show you real clients, real babies, and a few really uninterested toddlers! Come be a fly on the wall as we show you how to apply everything from inside the course during actual sessions with real families! 

What better way to learn than to actually see it like you are there?!

We take you behind the scenes to show you real clients, real babies, and a few really uninterested toddlers! Come be a fly on the wall as we show you how to apply everything from inside the course during actual sessions with real families! 


Ready to embrace the creative process during your sessions and try new techniques?

Once you have access to the course materials, you’ll not only learn foundational shooting principles for in-home sessions, but you’ll also be inspired to create in a way that is completely unique to you and your brand!  In addition to all this, you’ll be able to keep the course and workbook as a valuable resource to refer back to whenever you need guidance! 

We have left no stone unturned and address every aspect of photographing in-home newborn sessions from session prep, in-home lighting, technical settings, posing, session management, baby safety, and shooting and editing.


By the end of this course, you'll be able to.

  • Unleash Your Inner Newborn Whisperer: From mastering lighting techniques to nailing those picture-perfect poses, we'll equip you with the skills and know-how to create magic in any home. No more fumbling in the dark or feeling clueless about where to start. It's time to become a true newborn whisperer! 
  • Say Goodbye to Boring Poses: Forget about stiff and lifeless shots that look like they belong in a museum. We're all about capturing genuine moments that tell a story. Our course will revolutionize your posing philosophy, helping you create images that are bursting with life, love, and a whole lot of cuteness!
  • Manage Your Sessions Like a Boss: We've all been there—sessions that seem to spiral out of control, leaving you flustered and overwhelmed. But fear not! We'll equip you with essential session management techniques that will have you running your shoots like a well-oiled machine. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to smooth sailing!
  • Have Safety First, Confidence Always: Handling newborns requires extra care and attention, and we've got your back. Our course includes comprehensive safety guidelines that will boost your confidence and ensure the well-being of those precious little bundles of joy. Rest easy knowing you're providing a safe and comfortable experience for both baby and parents.


You're going to

The 2+ hour video course, broken down into 8 core modules, filled with instructional teaching, demos, and more!


Your 50 page course workbook includes guided prompts for personalized reference throughout your learning journey. 


Come along with us at real sessions for in-depth tutorials and behind the scenes to see how we put into what we teach into practice.


These short but thoughtful writing activities ask important questions to help you articulate multiple areas of your business. 


The Resource Room includes content like guided prompts to create genuine moments, real session plans, and more. Best part? You have access to the new bonus content as we add more based on the student community requests!


Access to our private Facebook community where you can share your success and ask questions. 


Defining Success and What Makes You Different

Our course intro is more than just an introduction to our course (because how boring would that be?!). In this section we’ve included thoughtful and intentional exercises we wish we would have done ourselves before we ever got started on this photography journey! In this module you’ll:

  • Discover exactly what success looks like for you
  • Determine what makes you different from other in-home photographers
  • Articulate exactly what you love to photograph so you can start creating work you love!

Preparation for a Successful Session

Knowing exactly how to prep your clients for a session can be a bit daunting! Once you are able to articulate exactly what you want your clients to know, you'll be well on your way to a successful session! In this Module you will:
  • Learn how to give your clients information they need to know without completely overwhelming them with words!
  • Determine the key details for your booking guide, session guide, and client questionnaire using our guided exercises.
  • Peek inside our newborn session toolkit and learn everything we bring to be fully prepared for a session.

Master Any Kind of Light and Location

Unlike an outdoor session, every in-home newborn session will have completely different light. Being able to find and use the best light, even if it isn’t perfect light, is essential to creating beautiful work from home to home! In this module you’ll learn:

  • Keys for using the best light for your location, as well as our step-by-step process for finding that light
  • 3 Easy tips to help you achieve that WOW factor in any location
  • An in-depth lighting demo that brings these concepts to life, showing you how they can be applied during a session

The Technical Breakdown

This module shares our foolproof formula for achieving perfect exposure. No more fumbling with your settings during a session, worrying about your photos looking like iPhone snapshots or having muddy skin tones. You'll be able to:
  • Capture stunning work with gorgeous, creamy skin tones every single time.  
  • Learn about lens choice options, so you can make decisions that perfectly align with your unique business and brand.

Your New Posing Philosophy

As professional photographers, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for our clients is crucial to capturing those authentic moments during sessions. We’ll walk you through how to create an environment where your clients feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing you to capture genuine moments that evoke emotions and tell stories. This module will teach you:

  • How to capture genuine moments
  • Get a variety of images from one pose
  • The easiest go-to wrap + reliable sibling poses
  • Tiny tweaks that transform your images

Manage Your Entire Session With Success

We want you to feel confident about your session, from start to finish, even when things don't go as planned. You can feel confident and in control, creating an amazing experience for your clients and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. This module will:

  • Equip you with a plan from the moment you arrive to your client's house.
  • Show you how to leverage feeding breaks to your advantage.
  • Prepare you with tips and tricks for how to handle those unpredictable sibling meltdowns!

Safety Guidelines That Give You Confidence

Baby safety is actually the number one priority in our sessions. You’ll be able to handle baby safely for your clients who are trusting you with this important milestone! In this module we show you:

  • Best practices for handling a newborn!
  • Exactly how we communicate with parents to eliminate any confusion between what you are asking of them while posing.
  • How to wrap so you can be sure that baby is not only safe, but comfortable too!

Culling Your Images

Our goal is to cull as quickly as possible! You shouldn’t have to agonize over which images to keep or toss! In this module you’ll learn:

  • Our simple 4 step process that streamlines our workflow and eliminates precious wasted minutes!
  • Exactly what to look for, as well as our tips to make the process go faster.
  • Additionally, you will watch a demo of the culling process we use with a walkthrough of how we are making selections.

Editing Your Images

Reclaim your time, optimize your workflow, and elevate your editing with this module! The editing module walks you though:

  • Our seven step process of how we approach editing our images.
  • Multiple demos across a range of sessions!
  • We will cover global edits, background modifications, skin tone adjustments, final tweaks, and SO much more.

We know you’re going to love these tangible pieces to get you started and jump-start your transformation!

let's check out the fun stuff
  • COURSE WORKBOOK --> 50 page practical course notebook packed with exercises and notes pages for quick reference when you need it.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES OF A FULL SESSION --> Walk through an entire session with us and see the course come alive as we apply it with real clients (including toddlers!).
  • SIBLING PROMPTS TO INITIATE ENGAGEMENT --> A curated list of our go-to prompts to get any uninterested toddler to cooperate! 
  • FAMILY PROMPTS  --> A curated list of prompts that will add life and movement into your sessions when things start to feel stiff!
  • POSING DECK -->This go-to resource can live right on your phone to access during a session. It includes images, as well as notes to enhance the pose and make the most out of the shot. 
  • SESSION WORKFLOW + SHOT LIST --> These easily stored lists will get you started on the right track at any session. You will be able to have an action plan before you even walk in the door.
  • CREATING CONNECTION MINI COURSE --> This mini course will provide you simple, go-to guided interactions for authentic family moments. 

Still Have Questions?

Master In-Home Newborn Sessions | $549

Dive deep into the foundational skills needed to walk into any home with confidence! You’ll learn invaluable insights that will give you the ability to troubleshoot any challenges that may arise during your sessions, ensuring you capture beautiful moments in every frame.

  • Instant course access (2+ hour video course with instructional teaching, demos, and more.)
  • Printable course workbook with guided prompts 
  • Behind the scenes at real sessions
  • Sibling and family prompts to initiate engagement
  • Posing deck for quick reference during a session
  • Session workflow and shot list
  • Creating Connection Mini Course
  • Access to the course's private Facebook group 
  • All future updates