2 Ways to Increase Your Mini Session Success

business tips Feb 01, 2021

#1  Make the booking process easy and seamless for both you and your clients.
Are you currently using a system that allows your clients to quickly and easily claim their session spot, sign their contract, and pay their session fee?  If not, Use Session has been an absolute game changer for booking my sessions! It was specifically designed for photographers and allows me to quickly and easily set up my mini session schedule and watch as people book their spots in live time. You can try it out for free and see how you like it before committing (trust me, you'll love it)! Use code KATIELAMB for a discount on your first month.

#2  Arrange your galleries strategically to encourage up-selling. 
This little change resulted in a substantial difference in up-sell profits for my own mini sessions. My sessions include 10-15 images depending on the session; however, their galleries typically have around 25-35 images, allowing them to upgrade to purchase the full gallery. In order to encourage the up-sell, I am sure to have as much variety in my images as possible (posing, composition, close ups, wide shots, etc.). This is important because if you have multiple images from the same pose, it's easier for a client to narrow down their selection. Strive for every image in their gallery to be very different from the next. 

In addition to this, I scatter their images in their gallery rather than putting them in the order they were taken. This prevents any similar images from being side by side and makes it much harder to narrow down 15 favorites when browsing a gallery, resulting in the majority of my clients upgrading to purchase the full gallery.



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