How To Host a Photographer Meet Up

just for fun Jul 01, 2024

We're on part three of our Taking Back Summer Fun - Photographer Edition series. If you missed part one and two, be sure to check out How to Host a Fun + Easy Photography Camp for your Kids and How to Turn Location Scouting into a Family Adventure

Community is a vital part of our lives, and oftentimes it can be missing in the photography industry! We think summer is a great time to consider hosting a photographer meet up! Shooting schedules are likely lighter this time of year, so why not make a new friend!

We’ve benefited from this is multiple ways over the years -- from sharing in the ups and downs over the industry to geeking out over gear or images to sharing tips for various areas of our businesses — it’s always fun to spend time with other photographers who just get it! Sound like a great idea but you’re not sure how to get started? Check out the list below that we’ve put together.

1. Make a list! Grab a pencil and paper and make a list of people in the area you know or know of  in your area! Maybe there’s a photographer in a neighboring town or even one right down the street! Get a little list together of everyone you could possibly invite.

2. Consider the size! There are pros and cons to hosting different sizes! People tend to be more committed to smaller gatherings and tend to open up more and share! However, larger groups are great because they offer a larger variety! They can also help build in some buffer if not everyone can make it to the meet up — you won’t have to worry about canceling altogether!

3. Reach out! This can feel like the hardest part! Put it out on socials and reach out to people you know! Extend the invite and make it clear what you’re inviting them to! For example… “Hey there! I’d love to get a group of photographers in the area together every other week over the summer! We could all grab coffee and get to know each other!! I’d love if you could join us! Are you interested?!”  Easy peasy!

Tip #1: Be brave, it takes a lot to put yourself out there! It’s not always going to be reciprocated and that’s ok!

Tip #2: Be safe! Pick a populated meet up spot until you get to know each other! Be mindful of those you invite and where you decide to meet up!

Tip #3: We love bringing along conversation cards for meet ups like this! While the first meeting, there's usually enough talk about introducing one another and sharing a little about ourselves, these can really come in handy for future meet ups to get conversations going and really get to know one another! These Talking Points cards are some of my favorites! The Small Talk set is great for this type of gathering! 

We hope this helps you to foster a little bit of community in your neck of the woods! Sharing what you love with others is such a gift and friendships can develop out of anywhere!

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