Fix Your Focus Part Four: The Best Focus Method Photographers Should Use

photography tips Jun 28, 2023
Focusing tips for photographers

It’s the final post on the series Fix Your Focus! We’ve covered your camera, focal plane, and different modes. Up to this point it’s been a lot of camera settings talk, and now you might be thinking, “...but now what do I do?!”. So let’s Fix Your Focus and talk about the BEST method!  

Okay, don’t hate us here… but the best focus method is the one that works best for YOU. While we swear by the way we focus and don't have the issues we see come up a lot with photographers, if you use a different method and are consistently having sharp photos from image to image and session to session - then that obviously is the best method for you!

BUT there is a wrong way:
The only method we will tell you that is technically wrong is the focus-recompose method. When you focus on one point, then adjust your camera to recompose the shot, you have moved your camera way from where you locked in your focal point, so odds are you will miss your focus quite often - especially for those closer up shots.

Some swear by the facial tracking of the newer mirrorless cameras; however, for us, we don't want our cameras deciding which face we want it to focus on - WE want to control that. So that crosses that option off our list!

If you’re like a lot of people you still want something concrete to walk away with so here is one method that has proven trustworthy over time and is guaranteed to get enough images in focus to deliver a beautiful, professional gallery that our clients will rave about!

We use One Shot (AF-S for Nikon) and dial in our focal point for EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. This means our index finger and thumb are constantly moving very quickly to change the focal point for each shot.  This method takes muscle memory and a lot of practice, but it will become second nature! It’s a great way to ensure more of your images are in focus, especially if you shoot fairly wide open with such a small focal plane.

So what do you think?! What will be your method of choice?! Be sure to let us know if you’ve tried any of the methods we covered! We love hearing about the ways you are finding success in your business so we can cheer you on as you go!

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