DIY Heirloom Silhouettes of Your Child

just for fun photography tips Dec 16, 2022
DIY heirloom silhouettes

I have always loved heirloom silhouettes and remember always looking at the ones my grandmother had hanging in her hallway of her own children. Making your own heirloom silhouettes of your children is very simple and there are so many options for really making these your own, whether you want to create a watercolor effect, a traditional high contrast black and white, or something completely different! 

 How to make your own heirloom silhouettes of your children:

Step 1: Use your phone to take a profile view photo of your child against a plain wall. If they are too young to be able to look straight ahead, just use something to get their attention that way - TV works great ;)  TIP: If you have a girl, you'll want to put her hair up in a ponytail if you plan to do them from the neck up like my examples. To add a bow, I find it best to draw it on in photoshop OR find bow silhouette online to add in.

Step 2: Open the photo(s) in Photoshop and follow the instructions in the video at the bottom of this post.


Step 3: Have your silhouettes printed and framed! Having them printed on fine art paper makes a world of difference, so I recommend using that option through whoever professional lab you work with!

 Some of my favorite frame options for your heirloom silhouette!


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