4 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Client

business tips Feb 08, 2021
attract your ideal client photography

It's not about attracting people to your business, it's about attracting the right people to your business.

ONE: Are you frustrated that you keep attracting clients who want a gallery full of images with everyone looking at the camera? Stop posting photos with everyone looking at the camera. Want to attract clients who choose outfits that match your brand and photography style? Stop posting images of people wearing outfits that don't match your brand and style. Every photo you post should be a direct reflection of your brand. What you share you will attract, so be consistent and don't confuse your audience. 


TWO: Only posting what you want to attract sounds great, but maybe you're thinking you don't have enough content that reflects your brand.  This is an easy fix! Put together a few shoots that you are in 100% control of in order to be certain the end result reflects your brand and resonates with the type of client you want to attract. Choose your own models, how hair and makeup is done, select the outfits, the location, wait for a day when the weather is exactly how you want, etc. 

 Not only is it fun to shoot for yourself every once in awhile, but it will also provide a large bank of images to use while you work on marketed to your niche. And a bonus? You know the saying "Birds of a feather flock together."? If you choose models who reflect your brand well, it's likely many of their friends and network do too. This is bonus marketing for you when they start posting the images (because they are going to be amazing, so why wouldn't they?!).


THREE: Share more. Studies have shown that our culture has changed drastically in recent years, with consumers placing more and more value on getting to see, relate to, and connect with the faces behind the businesses they invest in. Social media allows us to do this in a very easy and approachable way. Are you using Instagram Stories consistently? While you can achieve success without showing your face, doing so can definitely be beneficial. 

Don't want to share your personal life? That's okay! Let potential clients get a glimpse into what their experience would be like if they booked with you:  A look at your studio, your client wardrobe, the products you offer, or behind the scenes at your sessions to let them see how you interact with and pose your clients (or how you don't pose your clients). All of these things help reinforce your brand and photography style.


FOUR: Consider your ideal client when creating your pricing. While there are many other key factors to consider when setting your pricing, taking your target audience into consideration is important. Are you wanting to attract clients who place a high importance and value on their session and photos? Who put a lot of thought into their outfits, their hair and makeup, etc, and who aren't just choosing a photographer based off who is the cheapest but rather who is the best fit for their style? If your answer is yes, this is typically found in a more luxury clientele and, therefore, your offerings should be priced accordingly. 



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