4 Things To Do in Your Photography Business in the Winter

business tips Feb 01, 2023

It’s February, and if you’re like us, you started to think this winter thing might not be so bad… With 70 degree days sprinkled throughout January, we were even able to squeeze in some outdoor sessions! However, February is here now, and even those of us down here in Texas are, for the most part, pushing pause on the great outdoors! However, just because we are not outside, doesn’t mean we shut down our business altogether! Below are some ways Katie keeps her own shutter clicking - even when it’s freezing outside!

1. Studio sessions

Whether you have your own studio or find one to rent, winter is a great time to crank up your studio sessions. Not sure where to start? Try picking a themed session that aligns with your brand, newborn or milestone session, or maybe even a branding session. If we are offering multiple sessions in a day we like to plan out our marketing beforehand to make sure they are as profitable as possible (ie. the maximum amount of bookings). And if you don't book out, don't hesitate to reach out to an ideal client and offer them a spot in exchange for sharing the images - don't forget to give them an experience they can't stop telling their friends about!


2. In home sessions

Again, finding ways to avoid the elements is important in the wet and bitter cold months! We love the idea of in home sessions because there is something so special about being able to capture a family in their personal space that makes storytelling come to life. If you feel like your current audience doesn't have a home that would fit your brand, consider posting about an Airbnb and gauge your audience's interest about shooting in the space! Again, plan in advanced for these and start talking about them early to get your audience excited.

3. Work on your business / plan

Winter/slow seasons are a great time to get your head down and work on that to-do list that's been on your desk the past year. Use the space and time of winter to invest in your business. Maybe now would be a great time to take that course you were eyeing this fall but were too booked to dive into. (Check out the courses we offer HERE.) Perhaps this is a time to focus on your calendar and plan out sessions based on the numbers you ran on your end of year report. Take an inventory on what area, if improved, would be a catalyst for the most growth in your business, and start there! 

4. Season of rest

Don't forget that success doesn't have to mean grinding and hustling your way through the winter. Maybe success for you looks like taking a rest during this season. If so, we are cheering you on! Remember to be mindful of that and actually call it rest. It can be easy to just feel guilty about setting something down and completely miss out on the rest of doing so. Be intentional with that time, and allow it to be a season of recovery for you and your family before the next wave of sessions arrives.

 Whatever you do, spend this month focused on something that will revitalize you and encourage you in your business! February can be a gift if we shift our thinking just a tad… and we are definitely going to appreciate those dreamy spring greens more because of it!

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